Peculiarities of online chess

One of the highlights of the fisrt week matches of the Pro Chess League was an episode in the game between Jon Ludvig Hammer (Norway Gnomes) and Arturs Neiksans (Riga Magicians).

Players reached this position, with black to move:

Arturs Neiksans writes on his Facebook page:

That was really fun! In the opening match of the Pro Chess League today we crushed Norway Gnomes team with 10.5-5.5 which basically consists of the Norwegian national team. Well, so does our team - only Latvian national team.  Magnus Carlsen decided not to play today, so probably not a good choice for them. The highlight of the match and probably of the whole round came in the 2nd round when I was facing black Jon Ludwig Hammer. I saw that I was winning, then there's a mate in one but... how to switch off the auto-queen!  I did not find it and went on to win the game anyway. I haven't had such a laugh in a long time.

The events caught ChessTV commentators attention, who quickly realized the challenge Arturs faced.

Later it turned out that Hammer's choice of variation was a sophisticated online blitz chess tactic!

Players are taking notice, while online chess sites hastily improve their interfaces:

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