Interview with Vadims Daskevics

1. How long do you play chess and what could you tell about yourself shortly as a chess player?

I’ve been playing chess since I was a little boy. My chess philosophy is to be always better prepared than my opponent and find his weaknesses.

2. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself as chess grandmaster with FIDE elo about 2550 playing a few strong chess tournaments annually.

3. Do you have a player who has always been your favorite and/or has inspired you?

The God of chess is Garry Kasparov.

4. How many hours/minutes per day do you devote for chess on a daily basis? Participation in tournaments doesn't count!

I’ve spent about 2 hours every by coaching my chess students. I’ve also learned much interesting about chess from my classes.

5. Name your three best and worst characteristics!

Best: Ambitious, decisive and honest

Worst: Impatient, lazy and materialistic

6. Former World Champion Bobby Fischer once said that chess is life. What do you think?

I do agree with the Chinese proverb: "Life is like a game of Chess, changing with each move".

7. Could you win Magnus Carlsen in a match with a pawn handicap in every game?

Magnus is incredibly talented with a phenomenalyl good photographic memory with an unbelievable killer instinct. I don’t think I would manage to win a 10-game match, but I would definitely manage to draw a couple of games.

8. What future do you see for online chess?

I believe that online chess has it future, but there is a need to find a better way to prevent "engine help" while the game.

9. What's the last book you have read which is not about chess?

Capital by Karl Marx

10. And finally, what do you expect from the Pro Chess League?

To have it fun by playing some interesting chess games against strong players 🙂

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